Time Warner/RoadRunner Major Outage/Slowdown


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Sep 7, 2003
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
There's a major outage, and slowdown in service on the Time Warner Cable / RoadRunner internet network right now. It started about two hours ago and has only gotten worse. It affects all of KY, Ohio and is spilling over into the rest of the TWC network.

According to "reports" on the internet (take them for what they are worth), TWC techies (not CSRs) are saying that the slowdown is due to DNS overload due to Cyber Monday. The outage coincides with everyone getting home from work and shopping for deals. Changing your DNS setting to and a secondary of works. It switches you to the google DNS service. It's how I am able to report this since my TWC internet service is down, or super slow when working.

The customer service line is useless (more useless than usual). You can't get through right now.

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