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Jul 29, 2005
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I have 2 hopper with sling receivers running the old software S531.
On Friday I used the game finder app to find and record the OSU Penn state game on Saturday. Like most timers for sports events, the timer was padded with an additional hour on the end. Today, I wanted to watch the game. I noticed that it had created 2 DVR events. The first event contained the game from 8 PM to 11:30 PM. That corresponds to the PTAT recording for the game. That first recording ends with 4 minutes left in the game just after Penn state has scored.

The second DVR recording is 11 minutes long but it did not start at 11:30 PM but started at12:19 AM. It contains the Postgameshow. I have no idea why the receiver waited to 12:19 AM to finish padding the first recording. Even if the receiver had rebooted, it should not have taken 49 minutes. The missing 49 minutes + the recorded 11 minutes equals the 60 minute pad that the timer had.

I called DISH technical support and they agree that this should not have happened. He made notes to pass on to the technical team. Anybody have any ideas what happened?

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