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Aug 23, 2011
detroit, MI
Hey guys,

what tivo box works with dish network receiver 322? also whats the process of setting it up? I have heard there may be issues with setting up a tivo to a 322 receiver.

Thanks for the help!


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Dec 12, 2003
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A DVR 625 works best swap the 322. A Tivo uses an IR blaster to change channels on the connected source so TV1 is easiest to use on the 322. Yes DISH makes an adapter to convert UHF to IR on TV2 so it can be used but just adding a DISH DVR is the easiest way of recording.


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May 5, 2007
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Pretty much any older TiVo will work. The Premier models will not work.

As for the process, you'll have to wait for someone who uses such a setup to chime in.

(Don't hold your breath)

The other option would be to look online for a TiVo manual.


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Apr 9, 2006
Only the legacy TiVo's Series 1 and 2. None of TiVo's High Def boxes, specifically, Series 3 (648 w/OLED, TiVo HD, and TiVo HDXL), nor the latest Series 4 (Premiere and Premiere XL), nor any of the planned boxes for retail or MSO will work with the 322. Those boxes have absolutely NO inputs from which to record any external sources like Series 1 & 2.

Set-up is pretty easy: just connect the 322 video outputs to the TiVo video inputs and follow the setup procedure TiVo provides. It is also in the User Guide.

The problems some may refer to:

1.The fact that the TV2 of the 322 can only be accessed by RF remote, not IR. So, the TiVo cant use its IR blaster to control 322 TV2. I do believe Dish has an RF to IR converter kit.

2.Also, be sure you are using Remote Access Code 1 for TV1 (if you use that output) as I don't think TiVo can use any of the other 30+ other Access Codes.

3.The 322 may go to stand-by after several hours of being on or reset once a day for update returning to stand-by. You must be certain to set a 322 timer to bring the 322 back out of stand by so that TiVo can change the 322's channel.

4.You can also use the 322's TV2 RF output to a channel you select to send to the TiVo using TiVo RF input--IF YOUR TIVO MODEL SUPPORTS NTSC Air or Cable RF, A MODEL or TWO OF THE TiVo SERIES 2 DO NOT HAVE AN NTSC TUNER--and set that channel for recording.

The above, connected properly and setting up the TiVo properly should provide you with all programming data for your TiVo recordings. HOWEVER:

If you can't get that working right, then you can still record using the TiVo, but you will have to set separate timers on the 322--using the EPG or manual--and separate timers on the TiVo--ONLY MANUAL TIMERS can be set--that match so that both machines do their thing at the same time and record the content, BUT your TiVo recording will NOT have any data such as title, info, or other data identifying the program, just "Manual Recording" in your Now Playing list.

Unless there is some really good reason you want to do this, it really is better to get a Dish DVR as it functions just like the TiVo and is much easier to use with the Dish service and all your recordings will be digital.

I use my Series 3 to record in remoter rooms the Home Distribution outputs of my Dish Non-DVR boxes if I just want to see something and have DVR functionality or even set-up timer recording.

Good Luck.

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