TMC-HD: The Return of the Living Dead 9:30PM

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Monsters-HD has shown the B/W 1960's version and will show the 1990 version as well later this month. So here's an opportunity to see them all in the same month.

Man, I would love to see this one and the remake, they are two of my favorite movies. I hope they show them again whenever my dish finally gets installed. Do the transfers of the old movies into HD look pretty good?

patiently waiting for VOOM


Sorry, but this post confuses me. Return of the Living Dead is a spoof sequel to Night of the Living Dead. I love the Return of the Living Dead movies almost as much as the actual "Dead Series". What exactly is being shown? The 90's version of Night of the Living Dead I could do without, but I would love to watch Return of the Living Dead in hd. The dvd quality is already amazing.
Yes Return of The Living Dead is a spoof sequal and when it came out in the theaters back in the 80's .....they were actually getting sued about using the name. They must have won because I know they made a sequel to ROTLD...Return of the living dead II. Anyway ...Night Dawn and Day of the dead are all made by the same man. Return is on TMC-HD....should be a treat. The remake of Night of the living Dead is on Monsters this month.
lol, that confused me too. I had read "Night of the Living Dead" original and remake were coming to VOOM this month around the 15th I think, I saw the zombies on the box and did not even remember they are two different movies :) . Boy, it doesn't take long to get confused by zombie movies. Either way, I wish I could see them this month.

Is "Night of the living dead" the one with lady that is naked through pretty much half the movie? I like that movie. It is on the movie channel a lot.
No, I don't recall a naked lady in "Night of the Living Dead", there was a naked zombie in the remake for a few seconds. The movie you describe sounds pretty good though ;).

Oops, my bad. Meant "The return of the living dead" (like listed up top) Just on tv tonight. Trash was the name of the person
yeah, return of the living dead has the naked punk rocker throughout most of it. actually, there are a total of 3 return of the living dead movies. the 3rd one's kinda a stretch though, about a guy bringing his girlfriend back from the dead.
I thought so...just couldnt remember if they made a third. I loved those movies when I was younger...lots of fun.

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