Today has not been a good day


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Mar 9, 2004
Well I had to work today so my mother was here while they installed the Dish 1000. Well they had to call me at work to figure out how to get picture on the tv. All they should have had to do was turn the TV on and the reciever on the rest was already setup. Well everything was right but still not picture. Finally they said they got picture and we hung up. At this point I was thinking how I'm probably going to have a lot of issues when I get home. Sure enough I get home and go to watch my locals since I should be able to get them now. Well they arn't there in the guide. So I think maybe Dish hasn't added them to my package yet. Well before I call to give that a check I look to see if it's getting good signal. Well sure enough it doesn't get signal on 129 just on 110 and 119. Well ok so I start to give Dish a call to have someone come back out. As I'm on the phone I all of a sudden lose signal on 119 and the TV show stops. I go do a switch check and it turns out something has gone wrong with the input one as it says there is no switch or switch is bad just shows red x's for input one. For input 2 it works. Well I really wanted to watch a show tonight so just watch it on input 2. Well all is fine and dandy during the show but as soon as it ends I keep it on that channel and get a message that says my smart card is not authorized to purchase that channel. It goes away for a second then came back and won't go away. Well this was on a distant net so I thought ok maybe they turned that off so I switch to another channel and sure enough it still wont work. The 501 upstairs works fine but the 721 is now useless along with not being able to get locals. Any idea on what they messed up? I'm thinking a lnb or something has to be bad. Plus I'm not sure on the smart card issue I've never had that happen before. I just am not happy that before they came and messed with stuff that I had my satellite working perfect. These installers seemed like they didn't know what they are doing but maybe that wasn't it just seems kind of like they didn't know. I can't say as I wasn't here I just can say that nothing now works.
I had the same problem as you are having, it all started on Oct 23rd, I would have good signal strength one time and the next day no signal at all. I called Dish and they sent out a tech, he would think he had the problem fixed and the next day or two it would be off again, this happened 3 different times. I called Dish again yesterday and they sent a different tech out this time. The problem was a faulty DPP Twin LNB. So far so good, still up and running. He said they had quite a few problems with this LNB. Hope you get yours fixed soon.
flip the separator

Switch the 2 outputs of the separator to see if maybe it is just a bad unit. If 1 works and 2 doesn't then you will just have to have that outboard sat signal splitter replaced.
Yes the DPP Twins will show crazy stuff like that. I attempted to use one yesterday, all in all if I spent the extra 10 minutes to run a second sat line I would have saved on hours worth of time trying to get the DPP Twin to fire up properly.

Sorry no lot number/manufacturer information on the DPP Twin. I'll have to remember to grab the info tomorrow.
Well we got it all working but we don't know how. He gets here and for some reason soon after the upstairs 501 starts getting locals. Well then he told me my 721 needed to be replaced as it was too old to get locals. He wanted us to verify that he could upgrade my reciever for me. I told him no that he wasn't taking my reciever that I would go to Direct TV before he did that. Well at that point he told me there was nothing more he could do and my 721 just magically appeared on a loacal channel that I hadn't been getting. So we go to the menu now and check signal and it's locked on getting 67 signal strength. I say isn't that low and he told me no it was good for 129 as it usually only gets about 54. Is this really ok? Before yesterday it would get 0 signal on it yesterday it was jumping from 0-44 back down to 0 but never could lock on to get it and now today it finally gets it but I'm not happy with that signal strenth and have a feeling that it will loose them again shortly but hopefully not.

I had gotten the rest of the stuff working on my own before he came. It took several calls telling them to just cancel my service to get a service guy out here. They told me he would be here yesterday and he never came and the night before and he also never showed up. Oh well atleast I get them now. This has been a big pain and waste of my time though.
I had a DP Dual LNBF that I was using on 129, but going into a DPP-44 instead of a DPP Twin. It went bad in less than 30 days and I had to replace it, and then all was back to normal.

My problem started with not being able to pick up the Denver HD Locals on a low transponder, I think it was 2. After playing around a little, it turned out the low transponders were not working at all, or sometimes would fluctuate between 0 and 40, while the higher transponders worked fine. However, sometimes when it lost the signals, I would hit various buttons and end up to a channel that I did not subscribe to and would get some sort of message that I was not authorized that channel - call Dish to subscribe.

I'm sure that if a DPP Twin went bad, that in some circumstances it could effect the signal from the DP Dual LNBF not getting to the receiver. However, I don't know if a malfunctioning DP Dual LNBF can cause a DPP Twin to act up or not.

Just something to think about.