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Oct 31, 2005
Mesa, AZ
What do you guys think of TNTHD tonight. PQ is fantastic:rolleyes:
I love the motion blur as the players are running down the court.
Come on DISH give it to us the way you get it with minimal compression even if it means dumping a couple HDPPV's.


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Jul 10, 2007
Yeah, Whats the point of having so many NBA-hd channels when you can see the games on channels like TNT-HD? How about, putting some mind to this, converting popular SD channels (IE: FX, ABC family) to HD? Instead of having so many useless NBA-HD channels just sitting there doing NOTHING! The company can actually be running aside of Direct TV's new HD line up! Its like, WAKE UP. You are loosing customers to DirectTV because of the HD limits.

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