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  1. This past Sunday I purchased a TCL Roku TV. Once I set everything up I checked out some of the free offers that came with the TV. When I logged in I saw the usual 7 day free trials, but my fiancee found a free offer inside the TV box itself for Sling TV that was for 90 days. Today I activated my trial and so far so, but being new to love streaming I'm noticing that the picture is soft. Is that common to streaming? Once the sling trial is over I may try Vue or DTVN. Kinda curious.

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  3. In my experience sling does have a softer picture than Vue.

    When I used dtvn it seemed to be between them possibly.
  4. Streaming runs about half the Bitrate of Cable/Satellite so the picture is a little softer. It's not a deal breaker for me, considering how much I am savings. I use PlayStation Vue mainly because of the unlimited Dvr, also they stream a 60fps which helps with sports. Only problem with Vue on Roku is the interface.
  5. Was curious. Did not know what to expect. It is for our TV in our bedroom so picture quality is not a big issue. Where we rent we get free uverse TV and internet, but the TV part is in the living room so sling is for the bedroom. I took sling blue with comedy pack so if I keep it 29.99 is perfect for 2nd TV.

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  6. You know you can download the individual network apps, most stream live. Sign in Uverse credentials, and save $30 a month. Don't know how that works if you are renting and not paying for Uverse.
  7. I currently have Sling, but I had Playstation Vue for about 6 months and would say it had somewhat better picture quality. I also use an OTA antenna and clearly it provides a superior picture to either streaming service, but I find both to be acceptable. By the way, what model Roku did you purchase? I own a 55" 4K TCL 55US5800 which I think is a great value, and I love the Roku TV interface.
  8. I think directvnow has the sharpest image. Been trial running it for the past week and have had no issues with my roku

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  9. What is sat or cable running at on average these days?

    Biggest thing I don't miss when it comes to pq is the blocking that often came with sat (dish more than DirecTV) on fast scenes such as sports.

    With any of the streamers ive tested that part hasn't been an issue.

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  10. Its been a while for me since I cut the cord, but cable/satellite used Mpeg 2 at 12-15 mbps
  11. Wow, I don't remember it being that high. For some reason 5-6mbps sticks out to me.

    I may be wrong.

    In any case, if your figures are right, let's remember that is mpeg2.

    More modern compression methods wouldn't require as much.

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  12. MPEG 2 QAM on Cox I see between 8-10Mbps on cable networks and 11-14Mbps on the Broadcast Networks. I don't have any MPEG 4 channels in my package to check them.

    Picture looks really good using Tivo.

  13. But now with streaming we have to worry about buffering . I've been lucky so far.
  14. That's true. Sling seems to ramp up more slowly and be more prone to buffer.

    DirecTV now had the infamous blue rectangle buffer issue at launch.

    Once in a very long while I'll see it with Vue, but it's so rare I can't remember the last time.

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  15. Yeah, I've heard some cable companies are going to Mpeg 4. With Atsc 3.0 coming and h.2.65 I think it will get better.
  16. It is under my landlords account so I don't wanna bother them. They have everything uverse offers plus 24 meg internet as apart of our rent.

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  17. Almost a week in and I'm hooked with sling. Have gotten used to how things work and glad a true guide is now functioning. Was able to get the blue+4 pack deal so for 35 dollars once my 90 day free trial is over I will be set. I have only had two issues of buffering and it was just a glitch. I am so far impressed and maybe it is just my eyes, but the picture seems more sharp then when I started last week.

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  18. I hate to say it, I think Netflix does a pretty dam good job when it comes to streaming.

    Wish Directv would adopt the same technology for their instant replay
  19. Sling has a guide on Roku now? What packs are you subbing to? I dropped my legacy Charter Spectrum tv part of my double play last week, and am still wondering which OTT might work out best for us.
  20. Sling blue with their 4 pack deal for 35.00. I have a TCL Roku TV. The grid guide option showed up yesterday. You can use the grid or use the existing one.

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  21. ATSC 3.0 doesn't have anything to do with cable, satellite or streaming; it is strictly an OTA thing. h.264 is old news but that's where the real-time multiplexing technology is and that's important to MCVPs.
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