Transfer Hopper 3 sling recordings

The old player/recorder I am looking for. I think it’s in a closet. My wife is a pack rat never throws away anything. I will return after I locate it. Thanks
An external USB DVD burner for a PC needs some software to tell the burner what to do. It won't just magically start recording something plugged into it.
It has it loaded on my laptop. The cd should be here somewhere. Just have to locate it.
I haven’t a clue what this is.
What INPUTS does your DVD burner have?
If you are speaking of the portable one I will have to locate it. My kidneys failed last Jan. Was on dialysis 3 times a week. I was getting prepared for home dialysis so wife and Daughter had a room cleaning. It was on the head of my bed forever but it’s a mastery now. I think it was usb.


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It ain‘t looking good. I believe this is a vcr to dvd recorder.


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I think this is just a player.


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Guess I am SOL. This burner does not have any input/output ports.


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Composite (one video RCA), or Component (three video RCAs)?
Sorry; I meant to say component inputs (for HD). Fixed. :) But composite input would also work and be cheaper still. Unfortunately it does not appear Wilber has anything with which to capture the Hopper video. :(
Guess I am SOL. This burner does not have any input/output ports.
What INPUTS does your DVD burner have?
Hopper 3:
RCA A/V out to 8 port RCA A/V splitter in.
RCA A/V 8 port splitter out to VCR/DVD combo RCA A/V in.

VCR/DVD Combo:
RCA A/V out to the TV RCA A/V in.

I could use the Hopper 3 component out to the VCR/DVD combo but they are going to my Slingbox 500. My VCR/DVD combo does not have HDMI. When I am burning a VCR tape or DVD from Hopper 3, the VCR/DVD combo channel "IN1" is selected so I can view the recording while burning.
Thanks Guys, I have the software for the player/burner on my old dell 2-in-1. It has 3 usb, 1 HDMI and 1 SD card Reader. The software you spoke of, where can I find it? I load on the Dell plug everything and start cooking?
Back of tv.

I would strongly suspect that your Dell has an HDMI out, and not an HDMI in.
Good point…I haven’t a clue it’s never been used. I do have a 1 month old HP, but I don’t know where the software CD is or I would use it.


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Comment, My Son in law works for Comcast tv and a Ex Direct TV employee. He has told my wife that the hopper will shut off if it’s being recorded. I can‘t see how the hopper knows wether the signal is passing trough a device that captures and records the signal or straight into the back of the TV. What say you guys?
PCs and Laptops just don't come with HDMI inputs. If you didn't buy something specifically to do this, then you don't have it.
If you connect a recorder via HDMI to the hopper, yes it will more or less know what it is, and it will not output any video that has DRM restrictions against being copied. As was mention before, the way around this is to connect the HDMI from the hopper to the TV, and then record from the component outputs of the hopper. Component outputs are analog, but they can handle HD. They have no data channel back to the hopper (or from it for that matter), so the hopper would not know anything is attached. I do think that some channels may require the hopper to turn off the analog outputs. I don't know it this is ever done, but I do think it is supported. Anyway, to try this you need some video capture device with component video inputs, or at least with a composite input (SD only, though).

Edit: To your exact question. HDMI is a two way setup. When you connect something via HDMI, both devices talk to each other. That's how your hopper knows what resolution your TV supports, and probably can even tell you the brand of the TV on the info screen.

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