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Dec 6, 2010
Out There
So I decided to upgrade from a 722 to a Hopper on a bit of a whim and I have a lot of recordings I have yet to watch and a couple I'd like to keep. I know I can offload the recordings onto an EHD and then connect it to the Hopper for playback but all I have at home laying around are low capacity drives. Eventually I'd like to get a 2TB EHD but that won't be possible before the install. So is there a way to move recordings between EHD's? I have read some posts about issues with playback if a recording is transferred from an EHD to the Hopper.
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Sep 8, 2003
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Couple of things. Be aware, there is something going on with the Hoppers where in some instances if you no longer subscribe to a channel the program may not play back. You can't move programs between EHD's directly, but if you need to move from one EHD to another, you can move it to the VIP receiver first, then to the other EHD.
And yes, I have seen some posts of some programs having a problem after transferring from the EHD to the Hopper then to the EHD. I do not know how prevalent that is.


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Dec 7, 2004
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I may be lucky, but so far I have had zero problems playing back or transferring to my hopper the 2.5 TB of programs that I have on two EHDs. Some of the shows are so old, they were recorded from the Voom channels. It is a tedious process getting recordings from one EHD to another. Last year it took about four days to transfer about 850 GB from a 1 TB drive to the DVR and back onto a 2 TB drive.
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