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Mar 10, 2007
I'm in the market area (but a pretty good piece west). I can get a pretty strong signal (close to 70 and always locked) on Greenville, SC but my Charlotte locals are only pulling in about 7 - 15 on the new signal strength (they seemed to be better during the winter with no leaves). It occasionally locks but then drops. It never does go back to zero but just hovers in the area I have identified above. Is this good enough to pull in the locals? I know I could move (or I could take Greenville) but I'm hesitant to do so because I don't want to lose my regional sports networks. I do receive locals but they are through AAD (Atlanta and San Francisco) so I'm subscribing to KTLA as a supplement CW network. I'm really wanting at least one of the networks for college football season. I'm not sure what network it is in Charlotte (no, not CBS) but it shows a weekly SEC football game on Saturday that isn't shown on CBS. Will 7 - 15 work?

I'm kind of wanting to subscribe to my REAL locals for a change and drop the distants but I'm not sure if it's viable with that signal.
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Nov 24, 2006
you'll have a hard time pulling anything in at 7-15. you are probably closer to the greenville market with strenth of 70. there are areasin the greenville market where you can move and keep the baseball teams either with multi-sport or on alternate sports. i remember you talking about subscribing to the multi-sport for big ten so you shoudl be alright there. the only problem is that as a hurricanes fan greenville might put you int he thrashers and hawks territory. not sure about that tho.
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