TV Guide Channel Launches On DISH Network

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TV Guide Channel Launches On DISH Network, Bringing Its Distribution To Nearly 80 Million Homes

The Fastest-Growing Network on Television, TV Guide Channel has added more than 18 Million Homes in '04

TV Guide Channel, a network of Gemstar-TV Guide Int'l (Nasdaq: GMST) has launched on Echostar Communications Corporation's DISH Network (Nasdaq: DISH) on "America's Top 60," DISH Network's most widely-distributed programming package, as well as DISH Latino Dos and DISH Latino Max programming packages. With its launch on DISH Network, TV Guide Channel brings its total distribution to close to 80 million, with more than 18 million subscribers added so far this year. It is the fastest-growing cable network of 2004.(*) TV Guide Channel will be located on DISH Network Channel 102.

Powered by one of the most recognized, trusted and valued brands in the world, TV Guide Channel's original programming is dedicated to providing comprehensive television guidance information, including top TV picks for every hour of primetime. Headquartered in the heart of Hollywood, the network's programming also brings viewers an eclectic array of entertainment news and features, compelling celebrity interviews, talk shows, and original specials that take viewers from backstage to the red carpet.

In addition to bringing DISH Network customers a trusted guide to the best of "what's on," TV Guide Channel's smart technology platform and flexible customization provides DISH Network with a valuable medium through which to communicate with customers. TV Guide Channel is the only network with the ability to provide around-the-clock, call-to-action opportunities to promote new and exclusive programming packages, services, and sign-up offers.

"We're pleased to introduce TV Guide Channel to DISH Network customers. Once known as a 'passive guide' for analog cable households, the network has developed a strong editorial voice through original programming that helps digital viewers as they sort through expanding programming options offered by networks and new technologies," said Tom Cosgrove, General Manager, TV Guide Channel. "TV Guide Channel's remarkable distribution gains this year speak to the value the Channel holds for program distributors and the continued relevance the network has for digital subscribers."

"The TV Guide Channel provides DISH Network customers with television information they can use in an entertaining format, and we are pleased to add this feature to our channel lineup," said Eric Sahl, vice president of Programming for DISH Network.

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Why TVGuide?

I've never watch the E* version of TVGuide channel... just my experience from D* (I sub. both)

I believe it's a deal with viacom... but honestly, if we have the E* on-screen guide, why we want to spend a few minutes for the TV Guide channel to roll it's own guide (and watch the informericals)?

When I go home from work, I am going to exclude that channel from my favorite list.
and they can't even get the scroll right with channel numbers :)

Sheesh. HOWEVER, the above post about ENHANCED epg, NBR, et al is right on point. The GEMSTAR/TVG Data is probably what E* is going to use to get us this info/ability.

So, we have a channel we don't necessarily NEED, but access to technology we WANT via it. Sounds like a reasonable tradeoff to me.

If they're going to use that data.. which at the moment is so messed up, then you can forget the success of NBR

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