TV Mode - Volume and Mute on remote not defaulting to Aux (Audio Receiver) (1 Viewer)


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Sep 14, 2017
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It used to a couple of update ago.

I have the 40.0 remote on a Hopper.

Selected in Remote Control Setting - Volume&Mute Buttons/Control Auxiliary Devices Volume

Aux volume works in SAT mode , but not in TV mode - why not TV mode?

I even tried to program the volume buttons in Learning and still no-go, they still default to the TV volume.


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Jul 29, 2005
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Dish gave you the option of having your Volume & Mute remote control button control either the Auxillary Device or the TV. This works well when the remote is in Satellite mode.

When you select to put your remote in TV mode the Volume & Mute control the TV. This makes perfect sense to me. When you put the TV remote in TV mode you expect it to control your TV.

When you select Aux mode on the remote it controls the Volume & Mute on the Audio device. This also makes perfect sense to me.

I have the remote set to control the Audio Device Volume & Mute. When the grandkids are sleeping, I don't use the surround sound. I just use the TV speakers and I put the remote in TV mode to adjust the volume.

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