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Feb 8, 2006
SW Lower Michigan
Question, does adding a jumper to the whip antenna on a 625 automatically give the #2 UHF remote a better chance of making contact? I have a remote TV that is about 150 to 175 feet from the 625 and its not making contact with the antenna unless I get up and walk to the hallway. I know about using 2 two-way splitters to in effect bring the antenna into TV2's location but someone else has mentioned the jumper solution as being a viable fix. Thanks.


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Nov 16, 2005
try extending it first, it should work but if it didn't then use 2 2way splitters that will work for sure i did it over 200 ft


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Sep 12, 2003
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I've got two UHF remote antennas for different parts of my house, combined with a splitter before going to the 622. Works GREAT!



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Apr 27, 2004
Here is the thing that work!! I do this in the field all the time if receiver is far away from TV 2 location for remote to reach.

Get two 2way spliters(single leg Power Passing work better), 3 short jumpers.
Receiver End - connector TV2 out to one OUTPUT end of spliter. UHF Remote antenna end to other OUTPUT of the spliter, Hook up the IN part of that spliter to RG6 that goes to TV 2.
At the TV2 connector the RG6 to IN part of the spliter, One of the OUT goes to TV and install the remote Antenna to other OUT.

I did that in a bunker house which the whole house was bricks and cement and work great! At that house even their cordless phones doesn't work in the house well.

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