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Mar 23, 2008
Ever since my cable box downloaded the TWC Navigator upgrade the channels don't change correctly and I miss programs on my TiVo. I understand this is because Navigator downloads program information at the top of the hour and causes channel digits to drop when being entered at that time. This is when TiVo is changing the channel.

To somewhat solve the problem I have to start my season passes one minute early. I still lose TiVo suggestions and any other program I set to record without a season pass.

I've learned this fix through the Tivo Community forum. Several people have this problem. It may be a simple fix for TWC. Maybe by changing program information to download at two minutes past the hour instead?

If anyone can help, I'd like to get this information to the programmers at TWC. It's impossible to get past a customer service rep.



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Apr 19, 2008
Well i'm sorry to say that WILL never happen because Time Warner has something called a DVR it works the same as TiVO it has a hard drive that records 30+ hours of programing it alos has two tuners so you can record 2 shows at the same time (both digital and/or analog something TiVO cannot do sure TiVO can record 2 programs at the same time with the series 2 TiVO box but they ONLY can be either 2 analog or 1 digital and 1 analog NOT 2 digital channels like the Time Warner DVR can do that's right boys and girls the Time Warner DVR box CAN RECORD 2 PROGRAMS ON 2 DIGITAL CHANNELS while TiVO can only do 1) and also besides the fact that the Time Warner DVR can record 2 digital channels at the same time it also has picture-in-picture as well something TiVO does not so you se ewhy should Time Warner even think of letting you or anybody get past the CSR people and talk to the programmers about changing the download times for the navagator so you can use your TiVO box they would rather that you scrap your TiVO box which you are probaly paying $12.95 a month for service (unless you are an annual or lifetime subscriber) and get the Time Warner DVR box (made by Scientific Atlanta which is now a Cisco company) and just pay the current rate of (at least that's what Time Warner is charging here in OH) $5.95 a month (you are already paying for a digital box anyway oh and by the way you also would have to return the digital box to Time Warner it is not needed with the DVR it is also a digital cable box as well (that's why it can record 2 digital channels at the same time)) so you see Time Warner just wants you to get DVR service thru them that's why. (P.S. the series 2 TiVO DVR's can only record from cable or satellite NOT over the air if you have one of the TiVO boxes that can record over the air and you still want to use it and you are not happy with how Time Warner is messing up your TiVO then you might have to go to either satellite or plain old over the air TV that's right an antenna.)

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