Two confirmed- Did not loose NY and Denver Locals


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Oct 2, 2003
Correction: Two confirmed- Did not lose NY and Denver Locals (spelling)

Two live in North Platte Nebraska where there is only one station in the DMA- NBC.

Its Dec 1st 1:21PM confirmed that they both still have all distant locals via waivers.

Are they not turning off locals?
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Thanks, I have now got 3 calls from people I refered, all Wondering what to do.

I of course told them to go here for details.

Thanks Sat Guys.
I am in a single station DMA and still have DNS. I wonder if they saved us for last (the bottom 10 markets) being that we really do not have any other recourse?
2 of my DNS channels (New York) were turned off wednesday. I still have 1 NY and 1 Boston DNS working. I expect they will be turned off sometime tonight.
They aint got me yet 7;59 p.m. EST

I just sat though the "special Charlie chat" so that it would really sink in......

The best point of the entire episode:

If Dish were to offer Local(s) in my DMA they would still be unable to offer the other three channels.............short market.

What it comes down to is that the constituency of the underserved areas does not equal that of the overserved corporations that have spent the last 30 years creating the laws.

In truth there is no reason that any satellite provider can not offer what the local cable company offers other then the fact that greed via lobby makes laws.

...and we have plenty of people that are unaffected by this injunction on these forums telling us what "laws" are and how they should be followed.
Still have KUSA Ch.8202

I live in CT,zip 06801,have had one distant network for $1.50 per month. I receive NYC locals...thought I would have lost the Denver NBC by now! Will it go eventually I'm confused.
Still truckin in Washington County Ohio (Parkersburg, WV dma NBC only). Must be last because of Senators "big daddy" Bryd and Rockafeller's support in the Senate.

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