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Nov 25, 2003
Hopefully these are two easy questions to answer. The image below is what I see when I enter The Pub (I’ll spare you the full-size version):
  • I liked “Star Trek - Deep Space Nine” as much as anyone, but does the RIP thread for René Auberjonois warrant a Sticky Thread?
  • Why do I see The SatelliteGuys Backroom? I really don’t care to see it, but it ends making it seem like there are unread threads in The Pub, when in fact it’s some new tidbit from Gary that is too much for the regular Pub. So then I have to mark All Forums as Read since I can’t get the XenForo software to ignore it. Likewise, it also shows up in the New Posts on the right.
The Backroom one is the one that puzzles me because at one point Scott has it configured like Bob’s Pit and it wouldn’t leak posts, but something changed along the way.
That is really odd. René Auberjonois is not a sticky. ????
Must have been the Ghost in the Shell(code)…
Sometimes when your using the app it’s easy to swipe down to load more posts and instead stick a message. :)

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So what about my second concern? How do I eliminate seeing the Backroom?
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