Two VIP722's; watch recorded content from one VIP722 on the other VIP722 via ethernet



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Nov 27, 2006
This is great news. Too bad for me I only have one DVR until the 211 EHD gets enabled (and maybe not then....who knows what going on with THAT delay).


Oct 9, 2008
You assume wrong. You can buy an RF remote for TV1. The easiest would be to buy two and set them to different remote codes and put one in each room. Then each room would have a TV1 RF remote for the distant receiver and an IR remote for the local receiver.

My variation of this is that I leave my 622 in single user mode then just put the RF TV1 remote in my pocket and no matter what room I'm in if I turn on the TV I see Dish in HD.

Oh by the way. In one user mode the TV2 RF remote changes the HD signal since there is only one picture on all outputs of the 6/722. This is a way for you to see how the setup works for you before you spend the money on two RF TV1 remotes if needed.

You can use a Dish UHF capable remote to control 2 different boxes/tuner(if in single mode on both, then you can control both tuners of both boxes). As long as you know how to address the UHF frequency and sync it with the receiver, do so for each receiver on different frequencies. Set both remotes to the setting for receiver 1 in sat mode. Then you can program the Aux to control the second box/tuner. Press and hold Aux till all buttons light up. Press 0, to set for a 2nd receiver, then use three digits to set remote address for the frequency you set to receiver 2. (If you chose 7, then you will press 0,0,0,7,#)

Also, depending on your electical system you might consider homeplug to connect your boxes to dishcomm and i believe that you can share content that way. Not sure though.


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Oct 10, 2007
St. Louis, MO
earlier in the year E* announced a DLNA capable receiver that can distribute video over LAN but there has been no mention of it since then. My thought is that initially, it will probably only be SD as HD has a very high bandwidth. I hope they get moving on that.

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