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Aug 26, 2005
Clemson, South Carolina
I would know from those who have U-verse is it like satellte in that you have a receiver box to use on each TV.I am not into anHD/DVR receiver so since the digital channels have gotten such good reviews that would all I would want.I have three TV and I guess the first receiver is included free,I was just wondering what does AT&T charge for each additional receiver.I did find a site that allowed me to put in my zip code and see a channel line up and it looks great for my basic viewing.The only thing I will sorely miss is the local on the 8's with the weather channel.Just go outside and get the weather live.Rode out the road and they are half way on laying the optic cable to the end.Thanks-overtimeman


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Dec 8, 2007
Central Arkansas
I have had U-Verse for about 3 months and am (almost) very pleased with it. The HD PQ is decent but I really love the set top box in each room as they give full HD at each one. One downfall is the HD PQ is a little worse than Dish. I had Dish for 10 years, but switched to U-Verse because they were a little better priced and I love the speed of the internet.... Not to mention they gave me 300.00 (150.00 in cash, and 150.00 in a pre-paid Visa Card) and no contract. My contract was up with Dish but I had them put a suspension on the account instead of canceling the service just in case U-Verse was not all it was cut out to be. I also live in an apartment, so I felt it smart to keep the Dish account open because I am planning on moving into a house within the next several months, as there is no guarantee U-Verse will be available there, and I refuse to go to Comcast or Charter (I don't know where you live, but around here, they both suck big time!) As for the Weather Channel's local on the 8's, I was used to the Dish (National Feed) and that's exactly what U-Verse has. It also has an interactive weather channel on the set top boxes as well. The set top box fees are the first box DVR is free then $7.00 per each additional. All boxes see the DVR and can program, watch and record to it as well. 4 streams of SD Can record at the same time, and 2 HD and 2 SD can record at the same time. Pretty cool technology, but I just wish the HD PQ was better. The SD PQ is outstanding. They beat Dish and Direct both hands down on the SD PQ.

Hope this helps!


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