Uh Oh. More delays for the 921?


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Sep 12, 2003
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Sent an email to Sears requesting info on the 921 as it was not letting orders go through it's website.

This is what I got back.....

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Sears.

We regret that this item is backordered by the manufacturer and we have received no confirmed shipping dates at this time. If an item is expected in the next thirty days, we normally are given an expected ship date. We have received no updates at this time.

This holiday season get ready for the Good Life at sears.com and find just the right things to make it the perfect season for you and your family.

Shop sears.com now to pick up great products for the season.

Bill Thorn
Sears Customer Care

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From: bobmurdoch@msn.com
Sent: 12/1/03 3:33:19 PM
To: webcenter@sears.com
Subject: Question regarding ELEC

When is this product scheduled to be in stock?


I keep hearing 12/5 on a few internet sites, but I am anxious to get one as soon as it is available......

Then again, this could be the "limited" rollout they were talking about as they pretty much just ship demos out in December. Anyone hearing anything else?
From what I have been told is that Sears will not see ANY 921's for sale til around February.

Some store may be getting 921 demo units (basically to put next to the VOOM display and make people want Dish over VOOM) but they will have no stock to sell.
Well, THAT sucks.

Any idea WHERE they will first be shipping. (ie. Select independent retailers, are they on allocation based on orders received, etc.)

And is there any word on when those on the 921 waiting list here will start to see them?

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