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Aug 5, 2004
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I just got this email from Xstream HD and updates what's going on with the system.

XStreamHD Launch Update

Dear Robert,

XStreamHD’s service launch has been momentarily postponed. We have decided to take this action to ensure that we are able to provide all of our valued customers with the highest quality consumer electronics that will support our revolutionary HD entertainment service.

Unfortunately, we encountered some delays undergoing agency and certification testing for FCC, HDMI and Zigbee™ PRO. It was essential that we complete this process and pass all compliance testing to ensure that you receive a system that lives up to the superior quality that we are committed to deliver. We are happy to report that our testing is returning positive results and that we will launch with certified compliant advanced consumer electronics.

Additionally, I am excited to report that we have added several features to our equipment that we hope you will love. These features include:

1. An Easy Open HDD removable storage caddy that will make it easy for you to change or upgrade your storage as your needs evolve over time. (pictured below)

2. Frequency Hopping made possible with Full Zigbee® PRO Certification that will automatically allow your RF One Remote Control to utilize advanced frequency hopping capability that self adjusts to your personal space needs and your unique equipment requirements in each room.

3. Non-Slip Tactile Sensitive RF One Remote Control surface material that will improve your RF One Remote Control user experience and ensure that you are more accurately able to navigate with this advanced remote control.

We appreciate your patience and we will provide you with updates over the next few weeks with exciting partner news. This will include HD entertainment news. We look forward to serving you in the days to come and will be happy to assist with any questions.