Upgrade My 722 Setup for Hands-Free Voice Control


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Jun 9, 2007
I've grown old with DISH---had it forever (since 2001). I don't know what system I have anymore, 500, Super, or 1000? I used to get 110, 118, 119, and 129. Now, just 110 and 119. I just took another look, and I'm going to guess it's a 1000.2---if that's what 1K.2 means. SysInfo says: Device: DPP 1K.2, 1K.2(1), 1K.2(2), 1K.2(3). Although I love new bells and whistles, I've avoided upgrading because the system I set up years ago works great for me: VIP722k running single mode for PIP, sling adapter, MT2 OTA dual module allowing 4 simultaneous recordings (2 satellite and 2 OTA). I mirror out to numerous TVs throughout the house via a wired, amplified 8 port hdmi splitter. Each TV has its own UHF remote so that I can always control the 722 from wherever I am in the house.

I'm retired, live alone and really never have the need to display a different program on another TV. Plus, if ever necessary, I do have one TV wired to the home distribution port and could go back to dual mode if needed. Throughout the day I usually tune into news, weather, and information programs and can run around from room to room, floor to floor and never miss a beat. It's only in the evening that I settle into one spot and enjoy entertainment on one of the larger smart TVs (LR 65", Workout Rm 70", or FR 82") all with streaming capability for Max, Paramount+, Prime, Netflix, Roku, etc. I've enjoyed this setup for years.

However, last weekend, I decided it would be great if I could completely voice control the kitchen TV hands-free so I could cook and clean up all while watching/controlling a program. I tried a smart 28" Vizio, but couldn't control DISH. I set up a 32" TCL Roku TV on the counter in a perfect position between cooktop, the ovens, and the sink using one of the hdmi connections from the splitter for DISH and an coax connected OTA for more versatility and backup in a storm. I got a Roku Voice Remote Pro which has a setting to stay hands-free, without having to press the mic button. So far, great. It easily switched between inputs, switching apps, controlled volume, OTA channel-changing, everything except DISH navigation. It did not control DISH functions, which is what I most need it to do. TCL claims its Google TVs can be voice controlled with Google Assistant. But, again, I can't get any clear answers whether, with input from a 722, I'll be able to control DISH functions with Google Assistant. It seems like it has to be built into the DISH receiver, not the TV.

So, is there any way to achieve this without upgrading to a Hopper? If I have to upgrade, which Hopper? Which dish? Do I need a different switch? Can the Hopper output be split? Can I still feed OTA through it? Could I still use the remotes from all rooms/levels? Is there some kind of "node" I'd have to get? Is there a way adapt a 722 with voice control? If you've read this far, I truly thank you and will appreciate your guidance!
Hopper 2 or 3 would be fine. Dish sells an Ota adapter for $50 that plugs into usb port. Can still use your hdmi splitter. The hopper can be added to Google assistant and controlled that way without a remote at all, however your commands need to be very specific.

Only thing I can think of if you wanted to do that with current 722 is with an infrared transmitter that can be controlled via Google or Alexa. I looked into something like that awhile back and I think it exists but can't remember. But would be more cost effective to just move to the hopper.
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