Upgrade to 522 from 510?


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Jul 20, 2004
I have a 510 and would like to upgrade to a 522. I called Dish Network and I can only upgrade to the HD reciever. Does anyone know a way I can get a 522? I own the my 510, but don't know how to go about doing this. Don't want to buy a 522 from ebay and get stuck! Any Help? :eek:
As a valued, loyal customer you do not get the latest and greatest until long after new customers get it. This is probably the worst business practice I have seen for a company of this size.

note: I have not read through too many posts at this site but I would imagine there are a lot of pissed off customers complaining about this. If this is the case I apologize, just wanted to speak my thoughts this one time. :)
It is sort of like the cell-phone companies do with new phones! I am just trying to find a way around this issue.
I managed to work around it but had to buy the 522 at full retail and activation was a nightmare. The regular csr number will give you different results on the same issue almost every time you call. Either they change their policiy so much that the csr doesn't really know what's going on or they don't train them properly, however I will say that they try and I didn't blame them personally.

From what I understand they are no longer activating this box for existing customers and it will be near impossible to get it passed the exec office, so I don't recommend buying it knowing this. If you know an installer that can call the installers number at dish they may be able to get around it but even then I wouldn't trust it at this point.
I just went through this with Dish. I had been a prior customer 2 years ago. When they came out with their 522 DVR I decided to switch from cable back to DN but was told by the csr I talked to I couldn't get one because of my being a prior customer.

However the csr I talked to told me "if" I used another phone number not on record with them and "if" I used a different cc to pay the initial $49 fee, I "would" be recognized as a new customer and would then qualify. So what did I do? I told him to use the phone number for the extra line I have in the house for Internet dial up and to use my wife's check debit visa number for the initial fee. Bang new customer with a DVR 522 and free install.

Note YMMV. I may have just gotten a "willing to cooperate" csr. :)

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