Upgrade to 622 now or post-move?


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Dec 27, 2004
Twin Falls, ID
Currently have a beautiful 55" Sony HDTV, which we're using with a DVR-522, despite my constant bitching about the SD quality. We've got two dishes on our roof to pull in the locals, if that helps any.

We just found a seller for our home, as well as a new home a few streets down, and the wife has given me the OK for upgrading to a 622 with the Silver package. I could not be happier.

My question is if there's any benefit I'd get if I were to wait until we move into the new house to upgrade, rather than getting it now and enjoying it a month early. Would the two dishes get whittled down to one here at the old house?

I don't have a Dish Mover card any more, so what kind of charges am I looking at to get a new Dish on the new home? Would that be a benefit to waiting for the new home?

Thanks in advance!
How long until you move?

According the Dish website - http://www.dishnetwork.com/content/customerCare/moving/index.shtml - all you need to do is call Dish when you move and they'll give you a new dish.

So, if the move is imminent, why bother with the 622 setup; particularly if you are going to have the tv2 out on the 622 feed a SD tv in a new room. Let the installer set all of that up for you in your new place.

Good luck. You'll love the 622; I sure do.
However the sooner you get into the 622 list of subscribers the better for you when upgrade time comes as you will then have priority over new subscribers and others.
I'd do the upgrade now but schedule it for the new house. There is usually a 2 or even 3 week wait for installs if you are going thru dish. And any dish or hardware is part of the upgrade so you would get a new dish anyway.

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