Upgrading Charter internet?


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Dec 15, 2006
Can you go to a faster speed by ordering on-line or calling? Or do they send out a tech and charge a service call? I tries up-grading my cable and that's the answer they gave me. The tech would come to the house and charge me $50.00. What a company.:mad:
The only time I think they would have to send a tech for TV would be to bring a box or remove a trap on the line or add an extension.

To upgrade internet speeds I would call just to be safe. They can do it over the phone no big deal, unless you need a new modem

As for a service call for upgrades, flat out tell them NO, you will not pay for the priveledge of upgrading so you can pay them more per month. Absolutely ridiculous they would charge you for an upgrade that results in a higher monthly price to you.
You can simply upgrade or downgrade your speed over the phone. Although on the weekends you may want to brush up on your filipino. The only reason someone would come out would be if you are upgrading to 10M and you have an older modem not capable of going that fast. 95% of the time there is not a charge for a service call.


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