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Dec 4, 2008
If I enable the external record link on the 722 is it possible to record to a VCR by using the RCA cords. I connected the RCA cords from the output of the 722 to the input of the VCR but I didn't get anything on the tape. I'm not real sure how to set the VCR to receive the recording or if it is possible........ plus do I need to further configure the 722 in any manner. Any adn all advice will be appreciated.

I also have a second question. Is it possible to transfer a program already recorded on the 722 to an external device such as a VCR or DVD recorder as you play it back?

Thanks in advance for all help.
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New Member
Mar 9, 2009
I believe you should be able to record shows to the vcr with the RCA outputs on the 722. If possible you may want to connect your TV to the RCA outputs on the vcr and the 722 to the RCA video inputs. Once you have the tv tuned to view the video from the 722 through the VCR the VCR should record whatever is playing on the 722, live or recorded on the hard drive.

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Oct 2, 2006
Unfortunately the 'external recording device' is for recording to the PocketDish. The RCA composite video out of the vip722 to VCR AUX in should work fine. Some VCR's AUX video is right below channel 2. I use S-Video to DVD Recorder that records on all channels fine, some newer DVD Recorder's wont record HBO or Showtime because of DRM
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