Using Wally with king tailgater pro, tuner question (1 Viewer)

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Sep 3, 2020
Im in an Rv with pay as you go plan, my trav’ler is blocked by trees so broke out the Tailgater pro, coax straight to reciever, im only on one sat,,,61.5, and if im recording i cant change channel unless i stop recording even though both channels are on same sat, i go to Diagnosticsscreen and click on tuner and it only shows #1, so is this the way the tailgater works, i thought if i was on same sat i could watch and record a different channel, thnks for any info
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Apr 16, 2011
West coast
I never had a Wally, but I thought you had to attach an external disk to get 2 tuners.
OP stated he was recording and had to stop recording to change channels. I assume he has an external HD attached. As far as the issue he is trying to resolve, I've not heard of this, but I'm wondering if it is somehow related to the Tailgater only locking on the 61.5 bird. Even though the channels in question are both on 61.5, does a full functioning dual tuner Wally require access to more Sat's?
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