Viacom Timer Problem


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Oct 6, 2003
On my 501 went to check my timers and guess what. The ones on Viacom channels are gone.

If/When the channels return I will need to recreate them.

Anybody else see this. My specific were CSI on CBS.
There is a MAJOR problem with any VIACOM owned channel. Seems they tried to gank Dish and Dish did not renew the contract. These channels include MTV, VH1 Comedy Central, BET and CBS. Yikes!
That reminds me of something that used to happen with either my old DishPlayer or maybe my 501 - sometimes a "recording" would show up in the list even though it wasn't due to an event. It was typically a help guide on new features. I suspect it was sent down using the same method & bandwidth as software updates. A really good idea - they should continue doing it!
SimpleSimon, I remember that on my 508 when they introduced slow-mo with a few other features. There was a 5 min clip showing us how to use them. I thought it was a great idea!

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