Victory Sports vs. MLB Extra Innings on Dish


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Mar 11, 2004
I live in Upstate New York and am a Dish Network subscriber. I was planning on getting the MLB Extra Innings package some time before the season started. I am most interested in the Minnesota Twins games, since our local minor league team (the Rochester Red Wings) supplies many of the players to the Twins. If Dish Network signs an agreement with Victory Sports soon, does it make sense to get the Extra Innings package, too? If all I want is the Twins games, it seems that Victory Sports would be the station for me. But since I don't live in the Minnesota area, would Victory Sports be available to me? Is Victory Sports going to be considered a Regional Sports Network like the Fox Sports channels? If so, then the Twins games would be blacked out here.
You get all out of market games with EI. So regardless if Defeat (Victory) signs an agreement, you can pick up the Twins games via the other teams feed.

Victory will be considered a RSN (like FSN), and you would be blacked out unless you have EI.

Be least you have the opportunity to see the Twins :) Even if I get EI, I cant see the Twins.

Me neither .. and I live 325 miles from the Twin cities. It was great when the Twins were on fox north (MSC) but now with victory I get screwed over completely. Can't get as a RSN and I can't get it on EI.
How about a new announcement from E* ... "Dish to halt production of the 921, development money diverted to sign contracts with Victory Sports One and YES Network." :clap

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