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Mar 12, 2005
I have a VIP 211 and the remote suddenly stopped working the receiver,now of course the first thing i checked were the batteries which i have put new one's in it,but remote still fails to operate the receiver ,however it will operate the tv because when i push the tv button function or push volume the tv light on the remote lights up,but when i push a satellite function such as menu the satellite light does light up but receiver doesn't respond.:confused:
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May 11, 2009
Orbit City
some tvs put out high rf and it causes the remote not to work. you need to go into the tv's menu and disable some features. Right now I can not remember those features but soon some one will let you know.

Ambient light sensor.

This problem is found on many brands of LCD TVs. It is caused by the flourescent backlight interfering with the IR remote. You could move the receiver away from the TV or you could try to disable the feature if equipped.

However, if you do disable the TV won't adjust itself to the rooms lighting. This may cause poor performance and early degradation of picture quality.

Another issue could be the wrong remote address. This is a rare occurence for the remote to quit working but you may want to try. Press the system info button on the front of the receiver and check the address of the remote. Then hold the sat button on the remote until all the lights come on, hit the number that shows up on the screen, press # and then press record. This will make sure that the remote address is the same on the remote and receiver.
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