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Aug 27, 2015
Brownsburg Indiana
I have been a subscriber to Dish Network since July of last year through a corporate account at the apartment building I live in and just today hooked up my receiver to my LAN which is 10/100/1000 ethernet and 802.11ac WIFI noticing that my receiver is being detected by my Windows computers as a DLNA media server. What is the purpose of this if any and what can it be used for?


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Apr 9, 2006
Dish has a history of trying to keep up with tech and including hardware or software to support the latest whatever, but then Dish finds it is better left for the next gen box. In other words, Dish may have put stuff in your box to support DLNA, but they probably never fully activated the feature because that box may be underpowered or whatever reason. AFAIK, the Hoppers are the only ones that do, indeed, provide functional DLNA.

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