VIP 722 Fan Motor Unit


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Oct 26, 2015
Long time no talk.

Hope everyone is well.

I have a VIP 722 , cooling fan is screaming.
Sounds like it needs a CPAP. :)
I have replaced fan in past. Like 5- 9 years ago. ? ? ?

Need to replace again.
Need part #, recommendations for fan units.

Our unit (722) is in undesirable conditions fwiw.
Cat hair. Oh My.

The cover of 722 is removed. To help with cooling/ventilation.
Has been for years, and helps significantly with the heat.
However, open top, introduces more cat hair, oh my.
The 722 is 3/4 covered by a DVD unit fwiw.

Anyway. Need a new cooling fan.
Please direct me to a model #, source, links, etc.
To order new cooling fan unit.


Weird, searched, nothing showed, then created thread, now threads show. Odd.

Thanks for all help.

I replaced mine many many years ago by going to Micro Center and matching the diameter and power connector plug. But like you, I certainly do not remember what make/model it was. I think CPU fan manufacturers come and go. Sorry I could not be of more help. My 722 (which I still have in a closet) was a great receiver in its day. Using DishAnywhere, I could even play recordings off the EHD via my Sling Adapter. Of course that capability went away with the Sling Adapter. :crying
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Or get a snake. Kidding.
Just for giggles look if the fan has a label on the back of it. If so, heat it with a hair dryer and peel it back. There might be a round plug covering the bearing. Dig it out and see if putting 1 or 2. Not 55. Drops of thin viscosity oil in. Like 2 stroke, sewing machine....thin oil. Work the fan blade back and forth and in and out to get it to soak in. Wipe the excess off. Maybe Q Tip the old stuff out and add a new drop. Put the plug back in. Wipe off any oil where the sticker sticks to with alcohol. Heat it again and put the sticker back on. Maybe.....

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