Vip 722 hooked up to 3 Tvs (1 Viewer)

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Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Sep 16, 2003
My neighbor asked me about Dish. He has 3 HD sets Helives by himself. Says one 722 will; be fine. hook 1 up via HDMI and backfeed theother 2 via Coax. He says he can only watch 1 TV at a time. What do you think the picture quality will be on the TVs hooked up via Coax ? I just told him to splurge and get 2 211s for $7.00 each per month. If he can afford 3 hds he can afford $14.00 ;)
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 18, 2005
5701 S Santa Fe Dr
it will be standard 480i picture threw coax.

depending on how big the tvs are it looks pretty good.

Ive seen a 60" plasma hooked up to coax and they cust was amazed how good the picture was..

but ur idea of 2x211s and a 722 is def the best way to go... plus he gets all of it for free.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 28, 2007
with the 722 he will be able to see the feeds from both TV1 and TV2 on any TV connected to the TV2 cable (in SD of course).

dont forget that the 722 is a dual DVR and 211's are not DVR's. if that matters.
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