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Aug 18, 2009
Hi all. I turned on my VIP 722 receiver yesterday to find out it wasn't working and that it isn't getting a signal. It was working Sunday. I called dish yesterday and have to wait to Friday for someone to come out. I think thats unacceptable but another story.

I have checked the dish and made sure everythings plugged in ok. I have reset the box.

Does anyone know of any problems with this receiver? I have a feeling its a software update problem

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SatelliteGuys Family
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Oct 1, 2003
It's not software. Out of date software can cause glitches but not total signal loss. As for what could be the problem....not to sound sarcastic but it could be anything from the rec to the lnb or any part inbetween. The coax will have dc voltage going through it, you could test for voltage at the dish or ground block....set your multimeter for 25v dc. I always test the rec's output first and then check at the dish and work back from there.
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