VIP 722k keeps saying signal loss every few minutes but signal is fine... (DIRT?)

Hall said:
I've called in with a problem and the rep said "I noticed you don't have the service plan. Would you like to add it now ?" :) Then they continued the call.
Right. There throwing you a free bone. Grab it and go.

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Sorry for the delay in answering - but YES - that DID seem to fix the problem. I've removed all of the OTA channels (but left the OTA module installed) and I haven't had the problem AT ALL. Not even once.

This is a pretty bad bug in the receiver so hopefully they fix it in the future!
Go back and add 1 ota channel at a time till you find out which one is causing the problem. Delete that and continue till you have all the ones you want.
My 722k and 722 both have this issue, started yesterday and it is very annoying. My wife is checking so hopefully my 622 and 612 are fine, if not I am going to be really upset considering my monthly bill.

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I was having the same problem with loss of signal messages. Turned out to be a bad splitter going to the 722's inputs. Some days it wouldn't act up at all,other days it would be so frequent I was ready to cancel my service.

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