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Dec 27, 2007
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I have a VIP211k with the DVR functionality enabled and external hard drive. Is it possible to create a manual timer for a specific channel and time? Or can it only set a recording time based off of what the EPG has in the guide, and then you extend, or decrease time? Basically, I want to know if there is any way that I can choose the channel number, the starting time and ending time of the recording independent of what the EPG says? I have had this for almost a decade and still am not sure if I can do that. I feel like I should be able to...especially for OTA channels that just say "Digital Service"


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Jun 14, 2014
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It is relatively easy once you know where to look. Starting from Live TV, press the DVR button three times. This should take you to the Daily Schedule screen. There, select the Timers button. Then, on the Timers List screen, select the Manual Timer button. This takes you to the Create Timer screen, where you set the channel, timer type (DVR, AutoTune, Reminder) and frequency (Once, Weekly, Daily, Mon-Fri). Next, select the Edit Time button to set the start and end times, and the date. (Below the Edit Time button are the Set Priority and Options buttons, where you can set even more custom options for the timer.) Select the Done button (after setting the time and date) to create the timer. I agree, Dish did not exactly make this option easy to find. I hope this helps.

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