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Jan 22, 2009
Long-time Dish customer; just upgraded to HDTV with a Vip222K.

I usually keep it in Single mode (my other TV is also connected to a 301 on a different dish) but whenever I change the Vip222K to Dual Mode, the picture on TV 1 freezes, although the sound continues. The only way to fix the issue is to reset, but upon reboot the same thing happens if I change the Mode.

Also, I decided to connect the TV 2 video and audio outputs on the back of the receiver to a DVD recorder, so I could watch one program and record another. I get sound, but no picture. Disconnected the TV distribution coax (that delivers the signal to TV 2) and still no joy.

Am I doing something wrong? This is the second 222K I've had and it has the same issues as the first.

Many thanks.
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Feb 27, 2009
me too! i said: are you sure the 222k has single/dual mode? the 322 does not. and for what possible reason would you want to put a 222k in single mode? dont know about the freezing.did you try the red/white/yellow video out of tv1 to your recorder, just for kicks, to see if that works?your inputs on the recorder are standard red/white/yellow? in both cases it seems like you have something hooked up wrong. but im going to look at a 222k tommorrow. i cant belive ive seen hundreds of these and never seen the mode button, if there is one.
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