[VOOM/DISH/OTA] Voom newbie needs OTA HD help?

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Hi. I am new to Voom, and was looking for a little info on the issue
that I am having. I bought a Voom receiver hoping I can use it for OTA
use. After hooking up the box I gained access to the "Install Wizard"
and tried to scan for locals, but instead of the scanning the whole
screen just blinks. This will keep on happening until I press back. I
also tried to "Aim Antenna", but that doesn't do anything either.

Secure Firmware:V16
Current Software 02.4C
HAL Version: 00.07.37
Middleware Version: 01.45.02

I tried removing the OTA module and inserting it again. I also tried a
hard reboot, but no luck

Does anyone have any suggestions?