VOOMERS already switched to another Satellite service (not Cable), happy with HD?

bruce said:
Wow, so Voom's demise is due to DarrellP questioning the picture, I wonder if Esophagus_Constrictor will get upset that the Voom channel's resolution was only 1440 x 1080i instead of 1920 x 1080i.
:rolleyes: And prey tell me what TV you have that you would see the difference.

I've seen all of 1 TV ever that actually displayed 1920x1080 pixels and it was $7k for a 27".

If you're got a 50k rp tv that can actually natively do 1080i, step up and bitch.

I'm sure thee are projectors out there that will truely do 1080i but again, not at the 'sane person would buy one' price.

Back to the topic at hand. Voom was tweaking thie PQ like daily. I saw the macro-blocking a lot. I have yet to see Dish's HD. I just got Cox cable's HD and while it doesn't Macroblock like Voom did, it does 'hiccup' a lot. It acts just like my ATI HDWonder HDTV tuner card for my PC does when the computer get's bogged down. I've got DVR recordings of the hiccups
Picture quality

kschorz said:
I already had Dish and the 811 receiver but I shut off the Dish HD when I installed Voom. Now I am back to Dish HD and I must say the PQ is not nearly as good as Voom.

My Samsung DLP processes everything at 480p, which is the setting I used with Voom. Now that I've switched to Dish, I've found that I need to set the 811 Dish HD Receiver at 1080i. The result isn't perfect, but I estimate that the picture quality of the Voom channels on Dish are about 95% of what they were on my Voom receiver.
I am currently enjoying cable but as far as I'm concerned cable could very well become an interim service since there was no financial outlay to hook up and no contract requirments. The HD varies. INHD looks great as does HBO but HDNET is a bit fuzzy. I then priced Dish (because it has VOOM) and never considered returning to the dark force ( D*) from which I left because of many promises and no delivery.
It broke out like this; cable 14 hd channels, Dark Force 11 and many promises as usual. I will probably settle with both cable and Dish with VOOM and a 1 year commitment. Then look around and check again. Who knows, maybe fiber optics will be far enough along this time next year that there will be many providers who don't have to invest in satellites but only offer good service. LOL
I already had an 811 so we went back to E*. My impressions is the SD PQ is much better on E* and the HD PQ isn't quite as good as Voom was.
DarrellP said:
I do hope you mean the SD PQ because Dish HD makes Voom HD look like an upconverted DVD.

I think you got that backwards you might want to edit your post.. Either that or you never saw voom or your glasses are screwed up...
phatbastard said:
I think you got that backwards you might want to edit your post.. Either that or you never saw voom or your glasses are screwed up...
I've had DishHD for 4 years and I had Voom for 13 months. I don't know what you are viewing on, but search any of these PQ threads around here and the consensus is that VoomHD now looks much better on Dish. :D
I have to give DarrellP his credit. he does know the mechanics of PQ very well and has been one of the biggest critics of bad PQ when he sees it. In my book, if he says its better on DISH,I have to believe him. Won't know for myself until next week. I wonder how much a difference the receiver has in the PQ equation. I am getting a 942 and have seen some posts that indicate the video drivers are better on it than most. We will see for ourselves.

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