wanted 301

50 sound good. I install but have friend that doesnt have credit card that wants to get hooked up with dish but doesnt want to pay the 150 price at radio shack. My dealer doesnt want to offer this deal. thanks for the reply.
thnaks i seen them on there but people around here are watching thier money. you know? will keep them in mind. Thanks again.
You're not going to get any 301 for $50, unless someone doesn't know their value. They are in short supply at the moment due to the SBC-Dish deal.
I personally dont think that the 301 is worth much more than that myself. Ofcourse if youre a hacker they might be worth a lot more. But since we are installing them for free in thousands of homes for free to people with a credit card. And not to mention that DTV is setting people up here without and credit card and a very small fee (20.00) I think. I was only trying to hook up a friend for around a 100.00. Instead of paying 150. and having a contract that he might not be able to keep. thanks for your input.

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