Warner Bros. Lowers BluRay Pricing for the 4th Qtr.. (1 Viewer)

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Oct 17, 2003
Medford, Oregon


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Aug 20, 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Ive stopped buying dvd's and hope to not have to buy another. However, a price drop is a good thing.

I'm kinda in this boat. The movies that I'd have bought on the best format available weren't even available on BD when they came out (In Bruges, There Will Be Blood, and there were a couple others recently to that are escaping me... TWBB came out well after the DVD release and just mimiced it's features). Others I buy at full price as a spur of the moment gift for the wife.

In the end, for some reason I am buying less media now. The debate between getting DVD or BD has shown that for some of the titles I'd normally snatch up without a second thought I really don't miss not having.


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May 29, 2006
Lower Alabama
I do own a lot of dvd's, and really dont plan on replacing many (LOTR, Matrix for example), and my BD buying has also slowed down lately. I think my reason is that its mostly catalog stuff I already have and am not going to replace.

Once the summer blockbusters start getting released, its gonna cost me. Ive intentionally quit going to the movies and have plans to pick most of the bigger movies up on BD from now on.


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Jul 20, 2005
Northern VA
I stopped buying DVDs long ago, except for something I'm sure won't ever be on blue. Pretty sure I own more BDs than DVDs now. And there are some DVDs I'll replace with BDs. But my buying has slowed way down. I've probably got at least 50 I haven't even watched yet.


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Sep 8, 2003
Moreno Valley, CA
According to the article retailers will be able to get most titles for $11 after rebates. This "should" mean that prices will drop a buck or two off of current full retail. It could also mean that retailers will pocket the difference and not say anything. If other studios are not lowering their prices, why would they not?


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Sep 12, 2003
Brielle, NJ
This may finally drive home the point to the retialers though, that if they DON'T get behind the format and drive prices lower, then they may get cut out entirely if an ITunes-esque delivery system takes over.

They complain about CD sales dropping, but I don't think they are ready to get rid of them yet....
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