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Apr 8, 2006
Hey everyone,

I've been a lurker on this site for quite a while, but I've finally decided to register because I need to ask a question.

I recently upgraded my 811 on my projector to a vip211 (The HD quality is even more phenomenal btw). The installer as put a Dish 1000 on my roof. However, he left my extra 811 here. I'm looking for a way to make use of the extra 811. I'm not trying to steal any service, I'd pay for the extra reciever if I can make this work.

Now, upstairs I have an 811 and a 625 hooked up. The 811 is in the upstairs living room and is connected to 1 TV. The 625 is in an upstairs bedroom. The second tuner part is running to my downstairs bedroom, where my computer is. There are two coaxial cables running from the outside into the bedroom with the 625, and one coaxial running out to the downstairs bedroom.

The room next to the downstairs bedroom has one cable running to the vip211.

Now here's what I want to do. Downstairs on my computer I have a second monitor with an open DVI-in. I've tested it, it will display the 811's image.
What I want to know is, is there any way I can install the 811 in my downstairs bedroom to work as a 4th reciever?


P.S. Can anyone point me in the direction of an instruction set for installing an OTA on my Dish1000? I'm usually away at college, and way back when I had to give up VOOM for Dish, the Dish installer took my Wingard(sp?) OTA off with the VOOM dish and didn't install it with the Dish dish. I would have called an complained, but it was weeks before I was able to come home and see that things weren't installed correctly. And on top of that, the guy installed the 625 in the upstairs bedroom unstead of the downstairs bedroom where I wanted it. GRRR

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