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Sep 7, 2003
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For those of you new to SatelliteGuys, I wanted to point out that we are so much more then just Satellite!

SatelliteGuys also features active discussions on the world of Television in our Prime Time Forums! Come discuss your favorite TV shows or your favorite network, we even have a place for you to talk about the world of Pro Wrestling! CLICK HERE for our Prime Time Forums!

For those of you who like talking tech about local over the air television SatelliteGuys is proud to be the host of RabbitEars.Info, RabbitEars is the internet's premiere Over The Air Technology site! We also host the RabbitEars Over The Air Discussion Zone here on SatelliteGuys!

For those of you who love Phone Technology SatelliteGuys offers a wide variety of forums for talking Phones, Smartphones and apps! Check out our Phone Zone by CLICKING HERE.

We also have other forums who those who love talking Sports, Video Games, Movies, Electronic Gadgets and MORE!

Plus SatelliteGuys is America's Most popular Satellite Television Discussion Forum! And we are proud to have DISH Network's Internet Response Team (DIRT) helping us out in our DISH Network forums! And we are proud of our DIRECTV Forums and are proud to be the home of the FRIENDLY CUTTING EDGE FORUM, where our members can test upcoming DIRECTV software on their own receivers!

No matter what your looking for there is a chance SatelliteGuys has it!

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