WEEKEND LISTENING-February 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2017!!

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Oct 13, 2007
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WION Always welcomes new ears!

Friday Morning, the Round Table Show with Phil Cloud and Jim Carlyle!
Friday Afternoon it's Garry Osborm with "On the Go with G.O."

Saturday at 8 AM, the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas present, "Death's Head Revisited" starring H.M. Wynant.

Saturday at 11 AM: Randy Edwards plays music from February 4, 1971 on "Edwards Archives."

Saturday at 6 PM, it's 3 hours of "Barry Scott's Lost 45's" and this week..."We're all Heart" in honor of upcoming Valentines' Day.

Sunday at 8 AM, Pastor Ken Harger's Message from the Lighthouse is, "God Uses Attention Getters-Moses"

Sunday from 9 to 11: "Retro Stars the 80's Show" with your host Dave Stewart.

Sunday at 3 PM: Encore presentation of "Edwards' Archives"

Sunday at 8 PM: Encore Presentation of "The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas"
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