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Welcome HOME to SatelliteGuys!
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Sep 7, 2003
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SatelliteGuys is proud to introduce our new VOOM programming forum! This forum was created based on feedback from you our users and our VOOM Forum Head Moderator Sean Mota!

This is the area to discuss all the programming on VOOM!

Over the next 48 hours programming messages from the last month will be moved from the main Voom forum here to their new home!

Thanks for helping making us into the Internet's Largest VOOM forum!
No thank you Sean!

Your doing an EXCELLENT job running this place! Proud to have you on the SatelliteGuys Team. :D
Hey, BOTH of you guys are like the old EF Hutton commercials...."when these guys talk, you listen". Thanks for your continued guidance, advice and making this whole thing possible! :) .
All VOOM programming threads have been moved. All are invited to participate and posts. All related comments to PQ transfer of Movie(s) or programs should be kept here. Thank you.

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