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Jan 16, 2008
eh, its team summit, i dont think we will see any surprises on our TV but might hear of a few from scott.


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Mar 18, 2004
Can we expect any suprises today? I sure hope so to get the Voom thing of everyones minds!!!!!

it would be cool


I doubt it - most likely E* is making sure they are in the clear with VOOM. It would suck if they added more national HD channels with the space saved from removing voom... only to have a court order (very unlikely and I hope it doesn't happen as well) make E* turn on Voom again. As I bet they are maxed out on bandwidth and would then have to pull down the new HD channels?

maybe that makes zero sence any way LOL


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Sep 9, 2003
When the VOOM satelite service was dying there were tons of threads discussing this or that rumor about it all. While there may not be all that many VOOM afficionados they have always been passionate and outspoken. I suspect that if DISH announced that one of their new HD channels uses cancer, AIDS, and lumbago there would still be VOOMers laliming that it was not in DD 5.1 like VM.

I will eventually run its course---hopefully by the return of all or some VOOM but it will take awhile---and six months later it will erupt again for some reason. It is like the end of the superstations threads (they have been described as dying because of SHVA,SHVISASHVERA, the formation of the WB, the formation of the CW and the digital transition)---and the stationsare still there and every so often so are the threadds predicting their demise.


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Dec 29, 2007
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Based on the Team Summit announcements, it looks additonal HD will occur this summer and then again in the fall. LAME!

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