What Can I use the DVR-510 "Expansion Port" for?


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Apr 28, 2004
I was noticing on the back of my DVR-510 that it has an "Expansion Port", I wasn't sure what it could be used for or if anyone else has used it? Any one?
maddawg said:
It's pretty useless right now and dish is not know to activate any upgrades on their receivers.
Actually they are well know for using the expansion port as they use both ports on the 6000. One expansion was for a OTA HD tuner and the other was to upgrade the 6000 to 8PSK.
Smith said:
Well, do think DVR510 is the same receiver as 6000 ?
Of course not but what does that have to do with my response? The post prior to mine said Dish is not known to activate upgrades on their "receivers" not their 510's. Well my post remarks on Dish doing just that with their receivers by upgrading the 6000 receiver twice.

Maybe you should read more carefully before you post snide remarks only making yourself look foolish!
On my 5000 receiver the Expansion Port was used for a Dolby Digital adapter or HDTV 8VSB adapter.
Resurrecting old thread...

Does anyone have any idea what the expansion port on the 5xx series is capable of? What I am wondering specifically is whether or not an external 8PSK module might be possible with it for "future proofing". Or perhaps it could be used with some sort of external 8VSB tuner to receive OTA digital broadcasts? I know it wouldn't be in HD but it could definately be useful. I know the application that most people think of is some sort of external storage device, either an external hard drive or maybe a DVD burner. The DVD burner option would be the best for me!


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