What can LOCAL AM RADIO DO with community support? (1 Viewer)

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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
More than you can imagine!

WION'S "Treasures for Troops" has gone SO well this year! Saranac schools pitched in, and on a very rainy day, with a newly-borrowed van from Young Chevrolet, Buick, GMC in Ionia, WION's Penny Beeman picked up SO many donations! We've also included the picture of the staging/sorting area for our project, where the volunteers and Blue Star Mothers will box-up the proceeds for shipping this Sunday the 19th!

FANTASTIC JOB IONIA COUNTY and especially on Wednesday: Saranac Community Schools!

saranac 1.1.jpg saranac3.jpg saranac2.jpg saranac 4.jpg
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