What channels included with $5 minimum fee?


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Dec 3, 2003
I'm referring to the minimum fee just to keep the account active. A friend of mine was wondering. I think it is for a vacation home situation. They may setup locals, too. Does anyone know? Maybe the public access (high 9000's) and shopping channels? Thanks.
KY for the $5 the account is kept open so you don't have to pay the $25 reactivation fee. No programming is included for that price you can get channel 101/103/139/213/262, probably PPV promo and 9900"What's on DISH500?".
If you have no programming, you will get the following
101 Dish FYI
103 & 139 The Sports & MOvie PPV (and the other duplicate ones..500, 450, etc)
213 NASA
262 Angel One

The PPV will show up, and you can order PPV from it.

If you have just locals (like I do), you get the following
101 Dish FYI
103, 139, 450, 480, 490, 500 The Preview Channels
9415 FSTV (this is the only PI you get unless you have a wing dish too. Then you would get all on the wings)
and all the knockoff shopping channels between 216 & 229 (except for QVC & HSN)
along with the PPV channels
Thanks, guys.

PPV - didn't think of that, that will be really handy for them.

101 - Charlie chat! ;)

It's Midnight Pacific Time!!!

how to check tof a dead LNB?

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