how to check tof a dead LNB?


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Mar 7, 2004
Somewhere in Ohio
how to check for a dead LNB?

I have an older dish 500 for my RV and just set it up and now I can not find 119, 110 comes in fine, I have tried everything I can think of. Is there an easy way to test for a dead LNB? The system uses an SW21 switch, and I am almost sure it is ok. Any ideas would be a big help, camping season is almost here!
StevenD said:
Swap the LNBs and see if you pick up 119 and not 110.

Ok, I swapped LNB's, I am still only picking up 110, how do you tell if the switch is bad? I have one of the satellite finder gizmos, and it shows a signal on both LNB's. I did run a new cable from the switch to the reciver no help there either.

Anyway, is there a way to test SW21 to see if it is switching?
Smith said:
yes - each time you chaning LNBF/switch configuration, ie satellites,ports,etc - run it

Ok, did that, turned out that I was picking up 110 on the 119 LNB. I moved the dish, and tried it again, turns out that I just could not find 119 where the dish was at. Moved it back over by the RV and picked up 119 right off the bat. Go figure...
Thanks for your help!

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