What Configs should I not get for the 61.5?


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Apr 15, 2006
Near Philadelphia, PA
I'd like some help to verify the best setup for me and tell me what configurations of dishes and switches may work but are not as good.

I am a returning Dish Network sub. I just signed up for HD Bronze with locals, and will lease a 625 and a 622 (TVs in 4 rooms). I live in Phila, PA. My existing set up includes a Dish 500 Legacy twin, a single RG6 run from the Dish500 to the room for the 622, and a second RG6 run from the Dish500 to the other room for the 625.

If I read the posts in this forum correctly, the best setup for me is a Dish500 with DishPro Twin LNB for the 110 and 119 satelittes, a second dish with a with a DishPro Dual for the 61.5, and a DPP44 to feed the signals to the two receivers. If the installer wants to use the existing single RG6, I'll need some DishPro Plus separators. Otherwise each receiver will need two (2) coax cables.

Even though a lot of the (SD) local stations on the 61.5 are moving to the 110 and other stations are mirrored on the 129 satellite, if I understand the charts correctly the Phila HD locals only appear on the 61.5.

So please let me know if the above config is the best, and what other configurations of dishes and switches the installer may want to install but are not as good. (for Example Dish 1000, substitutes for the DPP44, etc.)


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Nov 17, 2003
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All Philly locals are on 110 now but HD is still on 61.5

Since you have 2 dual tuners, you can use a DPPTwin for 110/119 and a DP single/Dual for 61.5. Run the line from the 61.5 to the in on the DPPTwin and run 2 lines to the tuners (put a separartor on each line)

easiest way to do it :)

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